Home Grown Resources

Download posters, flyers and other materials to show your support and make your statement that Pocatello is Too Great for Hate!

Click on the image to the left of the description to download.

Download our great banner logo, designed by several members of our leadership team, and rendered artistically and graphically by the staff at New Day Products in Pocatello.

Download our 8.5 x 14 window poster, and place it in a prominent place to let your neighborhood know your support for a community built on respect, diversity and tolerance..

Download our 2Great4Hate Pledge and Proclamation in 8.5 x 11 poster size. Hang this on your bulletin board at home, work, school or church. It is a great way to call attention to the pledge, available above as a handout.

Download our business cards and print them to distribute to friends and associates. Cards feature links to our Facebook Page and Website.

Respect.   Diversity   Tolerance.