Celebrating Our Diversity

Pocatello: Too Great for Hate

Pocatello has a history of being the most ethnically diverse community in Idaho. Much of this stems from our history of being a major switching station for the Union Pacific railroad. Over the decades, the railroad brought in a diversity of people to work and provided jobs for local people. Immigrants from around the world seeking a better life would come to Pocatello and find work and a thriving ethnic community. Due to the biases and prejudices of the times, that community was located in an area called the Triangle in which Greeks, Italians, African-Americans, Mexicans, Germans, Japanese, Chinese and other groups lived, worked, owned businesses, attended church and school together. that community has now dispersed into the greater community, but a legacy of diversity remains. The presence of Idaho State University has brought an influx of international students who remind us of the greater global community of which we are a part.

These series of pages, presented in blog format, reflect the diverse voices and creative contributions of members of our community.

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