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Pocatello: Too Great for Hate
In April 2010, the communities of Idaho Falls and Pocatello, Idaho, were leafleted with flyers and CDs promoting white supremacist websites and music. The leaflets were clearly part of an effort by supremacist groups such as Aryan Nations to recruit young people (particularly young white men) in the 19-25 year-old age group. 
2Great4Hate came into being as a broad community-wide response to those efforts. People from all walks of life and ethnic communities in Pocatello gathered to address this threat and to formulate a variety of responses. These included letters to the editor, and distribution of flyers and posters countering  the supremacist message with positive messages supporting the diversity that characterizes our community. The community was urged to support local celebrations of our ethnic diversity including the dedication of the Lasting Legacy Landmark.
Our basic goals include:
Responding as a united community against white supremacist recruitment efforts, 
Educating the public concerning issues bigotry, supremacist messages, harassment, and diversity, 
Seeking ways to honor and celebrate the diversity of our community in ways that will make Pocatello a safe and more cohesive community.

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April 22, 2010

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April 22, 2010

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April 16, 2010

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